I Don’t Even Need to Tell You

I don’t even need to tell you...

I don’t even need to tell you “good morning” because every morning, afternoon, and night are wonderful as long as you are by my side.

It’s already daytime and the first thing that comes to my mind is you.

Good morning, I love you! Have an amazing day and never forget how much I miss you. You illuminate my darkest days.

I know how much you hate waking up too early, but you need to: the world needs your smile, and I need your love!

I am writing to you this good morning text because I want to be the first one in your daily life. Remember how much I love you, day and night.

I woke up and remembered that you were in my life. I felt so happy. Good morning love.

You know what? Today is a wonderful sunny day. Our love lights up everything around us, no one will ever tear us apart. I love you, good morning.