We Are but Pencils in the Hands of the Creator


We are but Pencils in the Hands of the Creator

His will prevails no matter how many times we lose or find our minds, whatever we do, wherever we go, He alone fixes our events and directs us to the parts and paths of our destinies. Don't be afraid of taking new roads, making new decisions, or having new people in your life in whose eyes you can see some ray of tiny glimmering hopes, he might be the angel the maker sent to you. 

You're a special breed, seasoned with the sweetness of heaven, none else in the world can be as embellished as you, if I have ever experienced something pure, true, real, consuming, and mesmerizing, it is what I see my heart feeling for you. All I do seems to be all about you, my heart so drown in the ocean of affection I can't decipher whence it came. 

This I think is LOVE, that is if you really want me to be brutally honest, yes it is, it's is unbelievable but it is, I can't deny it.